Cy N Caro

....Travel life of tattooing lovers. Now travelling in Berlin.... free-hand custom pieces created on your skin, not on paper ...Please email us at for any enquiries...

Eric. Acherontia styx. Bravo!


tornado for mela box. with love.
birds on the leg by lenad nada.

Pirates from Friche RVI Kingpar for life.

Bravo Aurore.

Florian. straight lines and a big smile. love is all and all is love.

Aurore. We designed one day, then thought about it and then did it a couple of days later, but the design was gone..freestyle coverup..crazy feeling!

Mélissa. continuous love.

Céline. Wheelwork. Because life works.

thomas. love. healed since 4 months.

Benny. tattoo evolution..steadily growing over the

Mathias. boat love.

Mathias. boat love.

Dado and Tula. Mother Daughter Love.

Dado and Tula. Mother Daughter Love.

Eugen. full circle love.

Cy’s fingers by Caro. Cover-up.

Playing around with typography elements, without the intention of writing anything. Everybody can read what they want..what do you read?