Cy N Caro

....Travel life of tattooing lovers. Now travelling in Berlin.... free-hand custom pieces created on your skin, not on paper ...Please email us at for any enquiries...

Eric. Details.

Eric scanned his stomach because he didnt have a camera.

Eric. Acherontia styx. Bravo!


tornado for mela box. with love.
birds on the leg by lenad nada.

Pirates from Friche RVI Kingpar for life.

Bravo Aurore.

Florian. straight lines and a big smile. love is all and all is love.

Aurore. We designed one day, then thought about it and then did it a couple of days later, but the design was gone..freestyle coverup..crazy feeling!

Mélissa. continuous love.

Céline. Wheelwork. Because life works.

thomas. love. healed since 4 months.

Benny. tattoo evolution..steadily growing over the

Mathias. boat love.

Mathias. boat love.

Dado and Tula. Mother Daughter Love.

Dado and Tula. Mother Daughter Love.